The “Frankenstein” Cloud Software Application

Causes, Costs and Remedies
Whitepaper - Frankenstein-Cloud Software Application

The ``Frankenstein`` Cloud Software Application

Causes, Costs and Remedies
September 2020
The cloud has become a business imperative and the benefits of moving systems to the cloud are numerous. They deliver on a variety of initiatives. It reduces the manpower and the fixed hardware costs of delivery. It reduces the risk and vulnerability to peril of physical equipment. It enables the ability to scale resources to meet surging demand. And, it improves flexibility in how, when, and where our employees are able to utilize systems to serve customers and other stakeholders. Ask any CIO and you’re not likely to encounter any resistance to the view that systems need to reside in the cloud as quickly and efficiently as possible.

But once you’re in the cloud, what have you achieved? Are you experiencing all the benefits that cloud computing has to offer? This white paper explores how monolithic legacy software applications come to resemble Frankenstein, degrading in the cloud and working against the very benefits of being in the cloud.

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