Retirement and fringe benefit plan administration

The client provides highly specialized employee benefit plan designs for construction companies and contractors that work for federal, state and local governments. Often those contracts include regulations (i.e. Davis Bacon Act, State prevailing wage laws) that mandate workers receive prevailing wages and benefits. This presents challenges to contractors as they require good advice as well as a partner to manage the strategy, execution, accounting, and reporting of optimized benefits to all of the parties involved.


A legacy system had been serving their needs for 15 years, but they started stretching its limits. Additionally, the MS Access system wasn’t accessible by customer participants and handling customer growth internally was unsustainable long term. The leadership team recognized an opportunity to grow the business but realized we needed to take a big step up in technology, look and feel.

Gavant Solution

Gavant modernized the application and built a new platform on AWS. The back-office portal provided new interfaces that better aligned with current administrative workflows and eliminated the need for external tracking on spreadsheets. A new customer-facing portal enable customer participants to view reports, access real-time data, and self-manage their benefits, off-loading administration from back-office admins.


The new system became a big part of client’s marketing, as the professional look and self-serve features offered something their competitors couldn’t match. As a result, business grew 60% in the first year and an additional 50% the following year. Enabling customer participants to view information online saved them thousands of dollars in printing and mailing statements. Back-office administration is also significantly more efficient. Audits are easier now that supporting documentation is attached to transactions and once onerous reconciliations now take a fraction of the time.